About Us

We at DesignFakt prioritize high value engineering for the places, either industrial or a corporate venue that requires expertise in terms of quality at the most affordable solutions. DesignFakt aims to create, produce and execute sustainable designs and provide flawless engineering packages to meet the thoughts and requirements of construction tycoons under any circumstances. We test our own limits at DesignFakt and our experience helps us explore new challenges in the galaxy of architecture which is infinite. Sustainable design solutions are our strength and our professional squad works hard towards reaching goals.

Mode of Operation

Our way of work is customized for every single patron. It is not just about quality, but personal relationships help us to create a foundation for the best execution in our practice. For us, it does not remain limited to quality, but we think beyond what has been imagined by adding a few critical elements. There has to be a better plan for the best execution under a systematic supervision. It is mandatory for us to balance some of the essential factors like vision, budget boundaries as well as time restrictions.
Our team is our asset, as they are the best visionaries and do not compromise on quality and efforts. We have some of the best experienced players, who assure quality, flawless documentation and have sharp eyes for the perfect finish and conclusion. Quality is the forte of our team and we never compromise on quality and do not settle for anything less than perfect. Like we have mentioned before, our every patron is customized to have an exclusive team to make sure they get the best out of us. Satisfaction of the patron is something that we give utmost importance to.
Apart from quality, nothing is kept under wraps in terms of cost parameters. With a vast design and construction experience our team makes sure they intimate and assure at every stage that the projects are indeed within the set parameters. Talking about exclusivity, our creations are never inspired but are customized to make it unique and only one. Our concepts are vast and our imagination is beyond the boundaries of design and architecture. The projects that we work on have a crystal clear concept which is conveyed with detailed counseling to make sure every nook and corner has been covered as well as conveyed. Utmost care is taken in terms of projects which have time constraints.

We are unquestionably the best service providers in all aspects of design. We take pride that we are undoubtedly the best in the industry and offer the best concepts and detailed architecture. We not just design and innovate but are consultants for the best industrial designs, coastal engineering projects and exhibition designs.

We provide the best as well as the most surprisingly affordable engineering services across the globe and have a vision to create new standards with every patron, with utmost prompt service for the clients.