Infrastructure Building design

Whether it is a commercial building or a transportation building, we have a team which is well equipped with an encyclopedia of experience. We have made the most unique and attractive designs and elevations for banks, corporate offices, shopping centres and also transportation facilities like railway stations, ferry terminals and more.

Oil & Gas Buildings

Our capabilities have also experienced design and engineering for some of the vast facilities like control room buildings, substations, accommodation camps, containerized structures and even blast resistant buildings. These are places where our team has proved their technical abilities to make sure the clients get the best out of their expectations

Industrial buildings

With an experience of more than 35 industrial facilities, industrial buildings are the crux of DesignFakt. Our exposure lies in tools manufacturing units, passenger car manufacturing facilities and more. Team DesignFakt includes experts, who indulge in the process of manufacturing, as we make sure every building is appreciated for its uniqueness.